Buliza, Natural, Rwanda

Buliza, Natural, Rwanda

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Turkish Delight, Refined, Red berries

Process: Natural Sun Dried
Varietals: Bourbon
Producer: Buliza central washing station
Origin: Burega, Rwanda
Elevation: 1900 masl

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Buliza Coffee Washing Station is among the five coffee washing stations including Nkora Cws, Gishugi Cws, Cyebumba Cws, Kigeme Cws of CAFERWA / Olam Rwanda Ltd.
Buliza specializes in processing of speciality coffee while building a sustainable, transparent and longterm relationship with farmers that supplies their cherries to Buliza Coffee Washing Station.
The cherries have been delivered to Buliza for 2005 farmers divided into groups they are carefully hand sorted to make sure only red cherries are accepted, they are then pulped the same day.

Every season Buliza donates fertilizer made from leftover coffee pulp to the farmers Buliza is also planning to initiate a training programme in agricultural best practices for its farmers.

Specific Information and Climatic Conditions
Province: Northern
District: Rulindo
Sector: Burega
Altitude: Cws located at 1790 m
Coffee farms located at 1750 to 2100 m
Coffee variety: Arabica
Temperature range: (Celsius degrees):18-19
Creation date: 2007
Processing Capacity: 4 Mt of cherries per hour
Processing system : Wet processing
Drying System : Natural sun drying
Water source : Mountain natural spring