Cementerio, Fully Washed, Costa Rica

Cementerio, Fully Washed, Costa Rica

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Dried Fruit, Brown Sugar, Chocolate

Process: Fully Washed
Varietals: Cattura, Catuai
Producer: Alfredo Ruiz
Origin: Central Valley, Costa Rica
Elevation: 1400 masl

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Origin: Coope Libertad

Higuerones, Vista Hermosa, Alta Mira

There are approximately 3500 hectares of coffee cultivated in the Coope libertad area of influence, mostly small and medium-sized plantations, of which there are 540 producers, who have selected Coope libertad as their best option to market their coffee.

The Cooperative receives the fruit of the coffee in centers of collection located in the province of Heredia and in other communities: Santo Domingo, San Rafael, San Pablo, Barva, Santa Barbara, in the province of Alajuela in Carrizal and Sabanilla and in the province of San José in Moravia, Escazú and Santa Ana.

All collection centers are located at more than 1200 meters above sea level, which defines Coopelibertad coffee as SHB ( high elevation coffee, strictly hard bean).

Another characteristic of Coope libertad's cultivated areas of influence is the type of volcanic soil with excellent fertility and slightly wavy topography; very desirable for coffee cultivation.

The coffee producer associated with Coope libertad is characterized by its tradition of cultivation, a good knowledge of the agricultural tasks that the crop needs, used to good practices of soil conservation and the environment. The preferred coffee varieties for cultivation are Caturra and Catuaì, although today the farmers have begun planting other cultivars such as the Central America Hybrid, Obatà and Marsellesa, in order to achieve tolerance to coffee leaf rust; a disease that was favored by the climate change and that by its aggressiveness has complicated the coffee activity and reduced its income considerably.

Coffee process:

The fruit is transported from the different collection centers, to La Isla de Moravia, where the Industrial Plant ”Beneficio Libertad” is located.

On average in the last decade Beneficio Libertad has processed 78,406.75 fanegas of fruit per year, which is equivalent to approximately 79,790.85 quintals of golden coffee; Of which approximately 63,352.70 are sold and exported to different parts of the world, mainly to the United States of America. The difference of the total production is sold to the domestic market, to satisfy the needs of national consumption.

Coope Libertad is working in “The Strategic Plan 2016/2019”, this plan proposes as a question if it’s necessary due to the the reduction of the national coffee production to make changes in the way of producing, industrializing and marketing coffee in Coopelibertad. They came to the conclusion that they need to add value through the sales of specialty coffee selected for special markets. That’s why last harvest (2015-2016) they started doing experiments and it’s not until this year that they did some micro-lots as a trial to see if they could enter and succeed in the specialty coffee market. These micro-lots have been a success and we are very excited to introduce them to our different clients for the first time.