2 Stoney Street, Nottingham, NG1 1LG

Opening Times

Mon - Fri   8am - 5pm
Sat            9am - 5pm
Sun          10am - 4pm

A space dedicated to showcasing the special coffees we curate and where we can share what we do and, importantly, how we do it.



As a specialty coffee roaster, you can expect a real focus on quality and traceable specialty coffee. We'll regularly be bringing you new origins, varietals and processes, so you can explore great coffee with us. Ask for a flight if you have time to sit and explore with us.

Turmeric lattes and Hot Chocolate are available, along with Minor Figures non-dairy options.

There are cold coffee options aplenty too - Japanese Ice Brew, Cold Brew Latte and Cold Brew & Nelly Tickner Tonic are actually a thing..

And for tea lovers - we'll be rotating fully traceable specialty tea's.


Our approach to food is a simple one - keep it fresh, keep it healthy and keep it local..

So many of the local artisans and producers have supported us while we have been getting on our feet at the roastery and now we want to showcase their produce and tell you all about it!

Our breakfast and lunch options can be found in the fridge, made fresh each morning by our in house team. We know what goes into everything and we'll ensure it's balanced and full of goodness, giving you our customers, a solid healthy eating option each and every day.

For those looking for something a little bit naughtier // or special, we work with local bakers Tough Mary's where Kate produces incredibly wonderful treats that you are going to LOVE!